Company Profile

We are one of the growing company in retails and properties industry in Sarawak. We become the choice of customers due to its relevant value of products, discounts, convenience and varities of product choice.

Core Competency

To cultivate good characteristic and competent talent on becoming an entrepreneur, find a sense of accomplishment through hard work and strive to realize the well-being of all employees.

Our Corporate Value

Integrity, Passionate, Determination, Responsibility, Co-operation / Win-Win,Customer First.

Our Social Responsibility

To promote educational training and contribute to the community welfare.

Our Customer

To provide customers with the highest quality products, efficient customer service and joyful shopping experience.

What do we offer?

Our Strength

At Emart, we provide platform for Wholeseller (Local Vegetables & Fruits) and Pasar Tamu operators (Tamu Pagi & Tamu Malam) to run their business. It is our uniqueness which you cannot find it elsewhere. Customers can find variety of vegetables, fruits, seafood & fish and etc from the market.

Fresh Market

Emart Supermarket in Various Region

Pasar Tamu

Largest Bowling Centre at Batu Kawa

Free Parking