Our Story & Company Milestone

Our Story

We started out as ice-cream seller in 1975 and venture into selling fresh, quality meats, ice-cream and dairy products. From a small BN Ngu’s Supermarket to a popular household icon, Emart Supermarket. The first Emart outlet is Emart Tudan, which is established in 2005.

Emart aims to provide an ideal shopping environment where public can comfortably and conveniently purchase fresh and daily provisions at reasonable and competitive prices, all under one roof.

A Look Back

Where it all started. How Emart came to be

The Beginning

Our Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Ngu Ting Sii started his business by selling ice-cream to outskirts using motorcycle.

Fresh Produce!

Mr. Ngu started to sell vegetables, fruits, meats & fish to the local.

A New Venture - BN Ngu's Supermarket Sdn Bhd

BN Ngu's Supermarket was established. Marking the start of a journey into retail, property and wholesale industry.

Moving Up

BN Ngu's Supermarket and Kopitiam were established. Build up a compound at Supermarket that called "Tamu" which provide a platform to the local to sell their fresh and dairy products.


Emart Tudan Phase 1 has been completed and emphasized on lease out the outlets to potentials.

The First Emart - Emart (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd – Tudan

Emart Tudan is located at Permy Technology Park Tudan.

It is approximately 30 minutes drive from Miri City and Complex Immigration Malaysia Sg 7 which is Brunei Border.

Emart (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd – Matang

Emart Matang is the centre of attraction for Matang Jaya and Petra Jaya residence.

Matang is one of the rapid development areas in Kuching surrounded by major housing development such as Taman Lee Ling, Taman Peony, Taman Matang Jaya, Taman Sri Perkasa, Taman Syn Syn, Petra Jaya, Semariang, Malihah and many other present and future development.

Emart Xpress Sdn Bhd – Demak Laut

Emart Xpress Sdn Bhd - Demak Laut is an outlet of Emart that is located at Lot 1314, Blk 7, Muara Tebas, Demak Laut, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak. It's a great one stop centre for local residents to buy their gorceries and so on.

Emart (Batu Niah) Sdn Bhd

BN Ngu's Supermarket was re-registered as Emart Batu Niah.

Emart Batu Niah is located near Niah National Park.

It is also called "Simpang Ngu" as it is a rest stop for long journey whereby passengers get to dine-in the food court and also a filling station for busses and vehicles.

Emart Xpress Sdn Bhd – Sukma Ria

Emart Xpress Sdn Bhd - Sukma Ria is another outlet of Emart. Located in Petra Jaya, Kuching it is a new addition to the Xpresss branding which provides customer with various groceries and household items on sale.

Emart (Batu Kawa) Sdn Bhd

Emart Batu Kawa has modern designs with approximately a total of 1,300 free parking bays on the Rooftop and Ground Floor.

It is surrounded by large population from Desa Wira, Jalan Stephen Yong, Batu Kawa, MJC and etc.

It houses anchor tenants Megalanes Sarawak; the largest bowling centre with 42 lanes, Lil Baba Asian Fusion Cruisine, and The Farm Bistro.

Emart (Riam) Sdn Bhd

Emart Riam is located at a golden location near Miri International Airport, Riam Tech College, and with approxmately 10 minutes drive from Miri town.

With its ample Promotional Space (up to 26,800 sf) on the first floor, it attracts large scale events like carnivals, musical festival and so on to be held there.

Emart (Bintulu) Sdn Bhd

Emart Bintulu is located strategically at Tanjung Batu Town Square, providing it's convenient and accessibility to the residents surrounding.

It is a two-storeys outlet with 30,000 sq ft. Focusing on fresh products, cold storage items and groceries at lower ground. While, baby products, home appliances and etc display on the upper floor.

Emart (Batu Kawa) Sdn Bhd – Tabuan Jaya

Emart Tabuan Jaya is located at a location within the vicinity of Kuching City, also the matured townships of Tabuan Jaya and Kota Samarahan.

With covering area of 126,000 square feet, including 83,000 square feet supermarket area marks as the largest Emart outlet. Being the first Emart outlet to provide self check-out counters for customers to "DIY" their payment process.

Onward to the Future

A new page in history are opened, recording every journey taken... paving a new path to the future.